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New York City has been the center of world finance, trade, and culture for more than a century. Packed with opportunities, the Big Apple’s legal market is booming, too. With more than 250 law firms in the city, there’s an abundance of opportunities to work at a top law firm. The following 10 things you didn’t know about the top new york city law firm like Gio Law might make you want to drop everything to join them.

Big firms are working on small teams

Big firms are teaming up with each other because smaller firms can’t handle the load. These teams are called “fusion centers,” and they have the goal of reducing the amount of work that has to be done by the larger firms. Fusion centers are flexible and allow firms to adapt to clients’ needs.

Big law firms have small in-house counsel

Big law firms have a lot of in-house counsel, even though they might have more than a dozen lawyers. This is because smaller firms can’t handle the workload. In-house counsel are typically young and have the ability to pick up clients’ work if the firm can’t handle it.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this.

Some of the largest law firms have in-house counsels who can handle everything from routine to complex matters, because they’ve hired enough people and have enough space to accommodate them.

Big firms hire associates right out of law school

Associates at big law firms are usually fresh out of law school. Most are attorneys, but some may be attorneys in training. Though associates often have a few years of in-house experience, they have the chance to really shine and impress with their talent and confidence.

Associates are working on teams of up to a dozen attorneys. Staff attorneys are the most senior associates.

Big law firms have mentoring programs

Mentoring programs are usually provided by smaller firms and law firms. They’re designed to help junior associates become more comfortable with the work they do, as well as with their law firm.

There’s an advantage to working at a big firm, though. Big firms have mentoring programs for attorneys, too, so no matter what position you’re in, you can get help as you strive to be great.

Big law firms provide their employees with continuing legal education

Big law firms are not only providing their legal staff with the chance to earn continuing legal education (CLE) credits, which can be used in almost every state, but also offer different programs that are beneficial to the firm and its clients.

Some of the most popular programs offered by big law firms include professional ethics and malpractice programs, as well as technology and evidence courses.

Big law firms are staying up to date on legal developments

Big law firms are staying current on legal developments, too. They’re doing this by tracking legal issues that are important to clients and making sure that legal staff is up-to-date on those issues, too.

Big firms also have in-house practices that specialize in specific areas of law, such as commercial litigation, securities, real estate, and employment.

Big law firms are often involved in ongoing legal issues, such as mergers and acquisitions, government regulation and investigations, and product liability. Big law firms also have attorneys who specialize in representing clients in particular industries.

The “Big 6” Law Firms in the City

One of the most interesting things about New York City’s legal market is that the top six law firms are all in the city. Usually, the top six firms in any given market are in one geographic area.


The top law firms in New York City are:

These six firms make up more than a third of all new legal jobs in the city.

Bottom line

New York City’s legal market is booming. The top six firms are working on small teams and hiring associates straight out of law school. Big law firms have mentoring programs, providing continuing legal education, and staying up to date on legal developments for their clients. And the “Big 6” law firms are working hard to stay on top. The bottom line is that these firms are big opportunities for ambitious young lawyers.

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