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100+ Names for White Dogs

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The colour white symbolizes a brand new starting, and what higher strategy to rejoice your white canine’s new starting than by giving your furry member of the family a reputation impressed by the colour! We’ve rounded up over 100 white canine names for the canine who will colour your world with pleasure!

From women’ and boys’ names that imply white to winter phrases and white meals, you’ll discover loads of inspiration to your new canine’s identify beneath.

100+ Names for White Dogs

White Canine Names Related to the Shade White

  1. Alabaster — A becoming identify for a white canine who appears like a sculpted murals.
  2. Aspen — A tree with white bark.
  3. Birch — A tree with white bark.
  4. Bisque — The identify of the white porcelain could be a positively purr-fect identify for the fragile fantastic thing about your white pet.
  5. Calla Lily — Within the language of flowers, the calla lily represents faithfulness.
  6. Cloud — An apt identify for a canine who has been on Cloud 9 since being adopted by you!
  7. Cotton — Do you know that this white, fluffy flower symbolizes luck and safety?
  8. Cream — Since your pet is the cream of the crop, you may take into account naming her or him after this colour, which is white tinged with yellow.
  9. Diamond — The toughest mineral recognized to man, the diamond symbolizes your devotion to your fur child.
  10. Dove — A reputation for the canine who brings purrs of peace to your own home.
  11. Ecru — A reputation for a white canine whose coat is nearer to yellowish grey.
  12. Edelweiss: This standard alpine flower (and tune from The Sound of Music) means “noble white” and could be a enjoyable identify for a Swiss canine.
  13. Ermine — Leonardo DaVinci captured the fantastic thing about this white-coated animal in his portray Woman with an Ermine.
  14. Fog — Fog might come on little cat ft, however it might creep in on little canine paws, too!
  15. Ghost — A reputation match for a canine who’s hauntingly stunning (and aren’t all of them?), you possibly can additionally name your pup a ghostly synonym, equivalent to specter, imaginative and prescient or phantom.
  16. Goose — Do you know that the goose symbolizes household and loyalty?
  17. Ivory — A logo of purity and wealth.
  18. Lace — A fragile identify for a chic canine.
  19. Lily — Within the language of flowers, lily means “purity.”
  20. Mist or Misty — The tiny water droplets suspended within the ambiance giving the sky that white forged.
  21. Pearl — Do you know that white pearls symbolize knowledge?
  22. Quartz — White quartz is claimed to neutralize destructive vitality, the true expertise of each blissful canine!
  23. Swan — A mannequin moniker for any elegant canine, the swan symbolizes magnificence, grace and loyalty.
  24. Vampire/Vamp — Present your everlasting love to your canine by naming her or him after an immortal. Together with the generic identify for a bloodsucker, you possibly can additionally identify your new pu after a well-known vamp, equivalent to Dracula, Nosferatu, Lestat, Spike, Angel, Selene, Morbius, Damon or Stephan Salvatore, Invoice Compton, Barnabus Collins, The Countess, or any of the Twilight canine names from the franchise’s Cullen clan.
  25. Yang — The sunshine half of the yin/yang image, which is intertwined with its reverse, but corresponding, darkish “yin” drive.

Which canine breeds have a white coat? American Eskimo, Bichon Frise, Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, Dogo Argentino, Nice Pyrenees, Japanese Spitz, Komondor, Kuvasz, Maltese, Samoyed and West Highland White Terrier (Westie) solely have an all-white coat.

White Meals that Make Enjoyable Names

White foods that make good dog names for white dogs
  • Brie
  • Cauliflower — This identify can simply be shortened to Cauli for a singular identify.
  • Creamy
  • Feta
  • Flat White — For the canine of a espresso lover
  • Gruyere
  • Marshmallow — To your new sweetie.
  • Milky
  • Mozzarella — First created in Italy close to Naples, this cheese identify makes a enjoyable Italian identify to your new canine.
  • Noodles — Give your white canine a reputation that simply makes folks smile each time they are saying it.
  • Oatmeal — A reputation for the canine-loving foodie, oatmeal is a pale grey/white colour.
  • Parmesan
  • Popcorn
  • Rice
  • Ricotta
  • Salty — An ideal identify for the canine of a seashore lover.
  • Sugar — As a result of sugar is good, and so is your new fur child!
  • Tater — Your new little tater tot
  • Tofu — Are you a vegan? Tofu may simply be simply the identify to your new furry member of the family.
  • Vanilla — As a result of your pet is sweeter than ice cream.
  • Yogurt — It’s not only for breakfast anymore; your new “Yogurt” will fortify you all through the day.

Winter Phrases as Canine Names

Winter words and winter weather words that make good white dog names
  1. Avalanche — For the pup who has affect has rocked your world!
  2. Blizzard — A reputation for an lively pet who arrives in your house like a blizzard!
  3. Crystal — Originating from Greek, this phrase means ice, the proper white canine identify for the one for whom your love is crystal clear.
  4. Eggnog — Mix cream, sugar, milk, uncooked eggs and flavoring and you’ve got this candy Christmas beverage. Add friendship, belief, compassion and a heaping serving to of affection and you’ve got the proper recipe for happiness with a canine named after this conventional Yuletide refreshment!
  5. Eira — The Welsh identify for snow.
  6. Frost — A cool identify to your new greatest pal!
  7. Frozen — Everybody’s favourite animated winter story.
  8. Fyole— Somewhat-known phrase for ‘a sprinkling of snow.’
  9. Hogamadog — This quirky Christmas identify for a super-size snow ball that has been rolled on the bottom.
  10. Neve — The phrase ‘snow’ in Portuguese and Italian.
  11. Nieve — The phrase ‘snow’ in Spanish.
  12. Olaf — Why not identify the canine who makes your coronary heart soften after Frozen‘s pleasant snowman?
  13. Polar Bear — A polar bear represents independence, survival, and belief in a single’s personal talents.
  14. Schnee — The phrase ‘snow’ in German.
  15. Sneeuw — The phrase ‘snow’ in Dutch.
  16. Snaw — A Scottish phrase for snow.
  17. Snowy — …or Snowball, Snowman, and many others. A logo of innocence.
  18. Snowball — The innocence of snow and the playfulness of winter enjoyable, rolled in a single. Some of the standard white canine names.

Ladies Names that Imply White

There’s a rising development to call canine with human names, so we’ve chosen women’ names that imply white:

  1. Alba: Derived from the Latin phrase for white.
  2. Blanca: This Spanish woman’s identify means white.
  3. Bianca: A Spanish woman’s identify meaning white.
  4. Blanche: Most frequently used as a French woman’s identify, this identify is derived from the German phrase for white (as is the boy’s identify Blancard).
  5. Fiona: This woman’s identify comes from the Gaelic phrase fionn or “honest.”
  6. Gwen, Gwynn, Gwynne, Guinn or Gwyn: These names are all from the Welsh phrase for “white.”
  7. Jenna: With Welsh origins, this identify (together with Jennifer) means “white wave.”
  8. Nieves: This Spanish identify comes from “Nuestra Señora de las Nieves” or “Our Woman of the Snows,” a time period for the Virgin Mary.
  9. Riko: This standard Japanese women’ identify means “white jasmine.”
  10. Wendy: Like Gwen, this identify with the identical Welsh origins means “honest.”
  11. Whitney: This British identify means “white island.”

Boys’ Names that Imply White

The boys have their flip on this listing of human boys’ names that imply white:

  1. Albus: Followers of Harry Potter can identify their canine in honor of Dumbledore with this identify that’s derived from “white” in Latin.
  2. Blanchard: This boy’s identify was initially a household identify derived from the outdated French phrase blanchart, that means whitish.
  3. Dwight: Initially a Dutch identify, this identify means white or blond.
  4. Finn: This Irish identify means honest.
  5. Fintan: This Irish identify means “white fireplace.”
  6. Gavin: Gavin comes from the medieval identify Gawain or “white hawk.”
  7. Guin: This Welsh identify means “white” and is a masculine type of Gwyn.
  8. Kenyon: This British identify means “white haired.”
  9. Whitman: The final identify of Walt Whitman means “white man.”
  10. Wynn: This Welsh identify means “honest.”

“White” in Completely different Languages

  1. Abjad — Maltese
  2. Alb — Romanian
  3. Baltas — Lithuanian
  4. Bela — Slovenian
  5. Bialy — Polish
  6. Bijel — Bosnian
  7. Blanc — French
  8. Bianca — Italian
  9. Biancu — Corsican
  10. Bijela — Croatian
  11. Branco — Portuguese
  12. Gwyb — Welsh
  13. Hvid — Danish
  14. Hvit– Norwegian
  15. Valge — Estonian
  16. Valkoinnen– Finnish
  17. Vit — Swedish
  18. Weiss — German
  19. Wit — Dutch

Well-known Individuals with the Title White

Barry White — How are you going to present your new canine that “You’re My First, My Final, My All the pieces?” By naming him after this Grammy-winning music legend!

Betty White — One strategy to thank this “Golden Lady” for being a pal to all animals is by selecting her identify to your new furry pal.

Coby White — Are you a basketball buff? Why not identify your new pal with paws after the purpose guard for the Chicago Bulls!

Derrick White — Selecting the identify of the purpose guard/taking pictures guard for the San Antonio Spurs may very well be a slam dunk.

Devin White— For those who love soccer, you possibly can identify your “tremendous” canine after this NFL champion!

E. B. White — An writer who cherished to write down about animals, Elwyn Brooks White– who penned Charlotte’s Net and The Trumpet of The Swan— introduced Snowbell the cat to life for generations of youngsters studying concerning the story of a mouse-like boy in Stuart Little.

Jack White — The identify of the previous frontman of The White Stripes may very well be a superb moniker for a music-loving canine.

Jaleel White — If you’re a fan of 90s sitcoms, you may wish to identify your new four-legged member of the family after the actor who portrayed Urkel in Household Issues.

Jo Jo White — Would you want to call your canine in honor of a sports activities nice? The late Jo Jo White was a two-time NBA champion.

LenDale White — For those who discover that your new pet likes to twist up in entrance of the TV to look at soccer, you may wish to identify him after the previous All-American who performed for the Tennessee Titans, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

Maurice White — Since your canine is a “Shining Star” in your life, why not identify him after the lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fireplace?

Meg White — If you’re a fan of the defunct band The White Stripes, you may wish to identify your canine after the duo’s drummer.

Reggie White — Soccer followers may wish to select the identify of this NFL nice.

Shaun White — Right here’s a golden alternative to call your fur child after a three-time Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding.

Snow White — A reputation for the canine who’s The Fairest of Them All.

Tre’Davious White — Are you a fan of soccer? You may wish to identify your canine after the cornerback for the Buffalo Payments.

Vanna White — The “wheel of fortune” turned in your favor while you discovered your new greatest pal, so why not identify her after Wheel of Fortune‘s well-known letter turner?

White Queen — A reputation for the canine who guidelines over the family, White Queen was each an historic drama sequence and a personality from writer Lewis Carroll’s Via The Wanting Glass.

White Rabbit — Lovers of literature may wish to identify their new snow-shaded sidekick after the watch-wearing bunny within the Lewis Carroll basic Alice in Wonderland, whereas music buffs may select the identify as a reference to Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic hit from 1967.

White Witch — Are you a fan of basic fantasy novels? You may take into account naming your white coated canine after Jadis (aka The White Witch) from C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

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100+ White Dog Names for Your Fair Fur Baby

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