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Creative Beagle names--from names inspired by movie Beagles to names that hark back to the Beagle

Have you ever not too long ago adopted a Beagle? In that case, congratulations! You need your pup’s title to be particular and distinctive – one thing that displays their character or the colours of their coat. Discovering the right mixture can appear daunting, however don’t fear. We’ve received some inventive Beagle names–from names impressed by film Beagles to names that hark again to the Beagle’s origins.

Creative Beagle names--from names inspired by movie Beagles to names that hark back to the Beagle's origins.

Do you know: Beagles are such a preferred canine breed that they’re even celebrated with their very own pet vacation: Nationwide Beagle Day!

Our Beagle Highlight

Beagle named Henry
Paris & Henry

My first childhood canine was a Beagle we named Henry! Henry is a reputation based mostly on the Previous German title Haimirich or “house ruler.”

Names based mostly on Beagle Ears

One of the crucial lovable options of the Beagle is his floppy ears. These names, each from big-eared characters and child names associated to listening, might provide you with inspiration:

Alfred E. Neuman: The fictional mascot of Mad journal was recognized for his ears.

Dobby: The lovable character of Harry Potter fame was recognized for his ears and his massive coronary heart. For extra, see our submit on extra Harry Potter names for canine.

Dumbo: Usually named one of many saddest Disney motion pictures, Dumbo the elephant’s ears had been so massive he was in a position to fly.

Eeyore: The perfect pal of Winnie-the-Pooh was recognized for his droopy donkey ears.

Mimi: Japanese for ear or ears, this title is pronounced just like the English title Mimi.

Samantha: This longtime ladies’ title means listener.

Sami (or Samee, Sameeh): This Arabic title means one who hears all.

Sim: This Scottish nickname for Simon means listener.

Simon: This title with Greek and Hebrew origins means “he has heard.”

Spock: The long-lasting ears of this Star Trek character had been nearly as well-known as his intelligence and reliance on logic.

Names based mostly on the Beagle’s origins and historical past

Beag: Some imagine the title Beagle was derived from the Gallic phrase beag, which implies little.

Be’geule: On the lookout for a French title to your Beagle? Look no additional than be’geule, which some individuals imagine was the origin of the title Beagle. Be’geule means open mouth or gape throat, a reference to the sound of the baying Beagle.

Bechtel: The surname Beagle is the Americanized model of the German Bechtel.

Blunder: The title of the first Beagle registered by the AKC.

Büchel: The Swiss-German surname that was Americanized as Beagle.

Talbot: One principle is that the Beagle descended from the Talbot hound. Talbot is a surname which means “command of the valley.”

Unisex Names for Beagles

Bagel: One of many Beagles who shared Barry Manilow’s coronary heart, Bagel even appeared on the duvet of the LP Tryin’ To Get The Feeling.

Biscuit: One other of Barry Manilow’s beagles.







Pinkerton: from the Pinkerton Nationwide Detective Company, after all



Male Beagle Names

Whilst you can at all times go for a basic boy canine title, we’ve rounded up some extra unconventional names for male Beagles based mostly on their tricolor look and their love of sniffing out what’s round them!




Calico Jack— Ruling the waves throughout the first half of the 18th century, this pirate was nicknamed Calico Jack as a consequence of his desire for carrying calico apparel. See our submit for extra pirate names for canine!


Clouseau: Or Inspector Clouseau, in case you’d wish to get formal

Dick Tracy

Straightforward Rawlins

Encyclopedia Brown



Hercule (or Poirot)








Sam (or Sam Spade)


Sherlock (or Holmes)

Snoop or Snoop Canine


Feminine Beagle Names

As with male names, you may at all times go along with a basic lady canine title however for this checklist we’ve chosen some names based mostly on the Beagles’ colours and their detective-like expertise in sniffing out what’s round!


Agatha (or Christie)


Cagney (or Lacey)

Cinna or Cinnamon







Miss Marple

Nancy Drew




Veronica Mars

Names that Rhyme with Beagle

  • Deagle: An previous British surname which will have been derived from the German Dägele.
  • Eagle: Each a reputation for the canine of 1 who enjoys birds and for individuals who notice their Beagle has an eagle eye.
  • Authorized: The Authorized Beagle may be a enjoyable title for the canine of an lawyer or legislation scholar!
  • Neagle: An Irish surname which will have been derived from the German Nagel, maker of nails.
  • Regal: Is yours a Regal Beagle? (Don’t miss our submit on Royal Canine Names in case your regal canine may want a title of his personal.)
  • Segal or Siegal: This surname, which dates again a millennium, referred to at least one who made wax seals.
  • Weegle: This Scottish time period refers to waddling or wiggling.
  • Yeagle: A surname that’s derived from the German nickname Jäggle, a type of Jakob.
  • Zeagle: A model of scuba diving gear; a enjoyable title for the Beagle of a diver.

Well-known Beagles from Actual Life and on Movie

Beegly Beagly: If you happen to had been round within the 70s, you simply may bear in mind the cartoon The Grape Ape Present. The star gorilla had a four-legged pal named Beagle Beagle–though the purple primate known as him Beegly Beagly.

Gromit: Gromit the Beagle is the most effective pal of human pal Wallace in Wallace & Gromit .

Man: Meghan Markle’s rescue Beagle who stars in a number of youngsters’s books: His Royal Dogness, Man the Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Canine (on Amazon) and The Duchess and Man: A Rescue-To-Royalty Pet Love Story (on Amazon).

President Lyndon B. Johnson walks his two beagles as a big group of press members observe. LBJ Library photograph by Cecil Stoughton.

Him and Her: LBJ’s pair of beagles–sure, a male and a feminine–had been among the best-known presidential pets who known as the White Home house. After the deaths of Him and Her, J. Edgar Hoover gave LBJ one other Beagle that was quickly named Edgar.

Mamma Mia: A rescue Beagle adopted by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Porthos: The Beagle concerning the starship Enterprise within the sequence Star Trek: Enterprise.

Shiloh: Primarily based on the Newberry Medal Award-winning ebook by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, the 1996 movie tells the story of the bond between a boy and an abused Beagle pet named Shiloh. The ebook was additionally made right into a film with two sequels.

Shoeshine: The star of the cartoon sequence Underdog — “By no means concern! Underdog is right here!” — within the Sixties was Shoeshine (though Underdog makes a pleasant title, too!)

Snoopy: Everybody’s favourite Beagle was a star character within the Peanuts sketch!

Paris and Uno had a little bit nostril to nostril dialogue when the Westminster winner visited Austin.

Uno: A Beagle named Uno was named numero uno when he took the Finest in Present title in 2008 on the Westminster Kennel Membership canine present.

It doesn’t matter what sort of title you select to your new Beagle, be certain it displays their character and is straightforward sufficient for them to acknowledge after listening to it simply a couple of times! When you’ve picked out the right moniker, all that’s left is loads of love and a spotlight—and plenty and many stomach rubs. Good luck with discovering the right title!

Names for Tricolor Beagles




Chocolate Chip


Coke Float





Ginger Ale


Graham (or Graham Cracker)


Macchiato: This espresso drink options darkish espresso and milk foam. Latte and Cappuccino would additionally make nice Beagle names! Extra espresso drink canine names






Rocky Street

Rolo: This caramel and chocolate sweet displays a minimum of two of the Beagle colours! Extra Sweet Canine Names

Shudderupper: This deal with is much like S’mores however makes use of graham crackers, marshmallows and caramel!

S’mores: The layered graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow are a candy description of tricolor Beagles!








Turtle: as within the caramel turtle candies

Names for Purple and White Beagles

Alroy: Gaelic for pink haired

Flanna: Irish title that means red-haired.

Flynn: This Irish surname can also be used as a given title that means descendant of one in every of pink hair.

Gummi Bear




Peppermint Patty


Redford: This English surname means pink and ford (a spot the place you may ford or cross a river). Nice for a pink and white Beagle who loves water!

Reed: An Previous English title that means red-haired.

Rogan: An Irish surname, Rogan means red-haired.

Rory: This Irish title means Purple King.


Roth: A reputation with German origins that means pink.

Rowan: This Irish title is derived from the Irish title for pink haired.


Rufina: The female equal to Rufus, Rufina means pink haired.

Rufus: A Latin title that means red-haired.

Russell: This title is derived from the French phrase for pink haired.

Shortcake (or Strawberry Shortcake)


Sorrel: A reputation derived from French and German for reddish brown hair, additionally a Jamaican Christmas drink.

Names particularly for Lemon Beagles

A lot rarer than the standard tricolor Beagle, the Lemon Beagle sports activities white and lemon tinted fur. These names are specifically chosen for Lemon Beagles:

Blondie – As a result of the lemon fur is definitely a shade of blonde.

Citron – Citron is one other brief but candy choice and means lemon in French. It’s easy sufficient whereas nonetheless being distinctive.

Honey – One other option to describe the lemon tint of your new canine–and her candy disposition.

Lemo – For many who choose shorter canine names, Lemo is a wonderful selection. It’s nonetheless enjoyable and distinctive with out being too lengthy or laborious to pronounce.

Lemon Drop – A playful twist on the basic “Lemonade” moniker. Good for canine with sunny inclinations and massive personalities!

Lemona – Lemon in Hawaiian

Lemonade – This can be a nice title for any pup with a candy and bubbly character. Plus, it’s straightforward to recollect and catchy too!

Limoncello – Is your pup the lifetime of the get together? In that case, Limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, may be the right selection.

Limão: Lemon in Portuguese

Limone: Lemon in Italian

Lemóni: Lemon in Greek

Lumi: Lemon in Maltese

Lymun: Lemon in Arabic

Remon: Lemon in Japanese

Sitron: Lemon in Norwegian

Sítrónu: Lemon in Icelandic

Sitruuna: Lemon in Finnish

Yeller: Previous Yeller wasn’t a Beagle–however he was yellow!

Zitrone: Lemon in German

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Beagle Names for your Tricolor, Red & White or Lemon Beagle!

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