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Fence fighting with the neigbours dog - how to stop it!

5 Methods to Cease Canine Fence Combating


Having a fenced yard in your canine to run and play in is the dream of many pet mother and father, however that dream can rapidly grow to be hassle when you share a fence with one other canine. Fence preventing can typically be mistaken for enjoying, but it surely’s aggressive conduct that must be resolved rapidly. 

Learn on to study extra about what fence preventing is, what causes it, and how one can cease fence aggression in your canine. 

What’s Canine Fence Combating?

Canine fence preventing occurs when there are two canines on reverse sides of a barrier, usually a fence between two adjoining properties. Canines experiencing fence aggression usually bark, lunge, and should even try to climb the fence. 


Even canines that present no indicators of reactivity towards canines in a special setting could out of the blue present these signs when a barrier is put between them and one other canine. 

There are two frequent causes of canine fence preventing: barrier frustration and territorial instincts.

Barrier Frustration 

Barrier frustration is a phenomenon that occurs when a canine is introduced with a stimulus however the entry to that stimulus is blocked.

Your canine is proven one other canine on the opposite aspect of the fence, however they haven’t any manner of really interacting with that canine. Due to this, your canine will get annoyed and that may rapidly snowball into aggression. 


The set off in your canine’s fence aggression additionally doesn’t should be visible—it may be triggered by the sound of one other canine as properly. 

Territorial Instincts

Many canines really feel an instinctual want to guard and defend what they really feel is their territory. 

When your canine sees or hears one other canine by way of the fence, they don’t perceive that the barrier is dividing two completely different properties. As an alternative, they really feel just like the unusual canine is invading their house, they usually flip to aggressive behaviors as a way of self-defense. 

The fence acts as a barrier between the 2 canines which solely amplifies your canine’s nervousness and frustration. 

The best way to Cease Fence Combating Conduct in Canines

In case your canine is presently engaged in a fence struggle together with your neighbor’s canine, it’s vital to take steps to appropriate the conduct as rapidly as potential. Listed below are 5 methods to assist cease your canine’s fence-fighting conduct. 

  • Work on Obedience Coaching

Step one in the direction of curbing any undesirable conduct in your canine is to determine a strong basis of coaching.

When canines are engaged in fence preventing, they’re possible properly over their threshold for studying and listening, so it may be powerful to get their consideration. 

Working together with your canine on primary instructions, particularly in a distracting surroundings, can assist you get your canine’s consideration quicker and even forestall the fence preventing within the first place with a preemptive command. 

Vital obedience instructions to work together with your canine on embrace sit, keep, and a dependable recall. 

As soon as your canine has a strong understanding of primary instructions, you’ll be able to transfer on to a different vital coaching ability: impulse management. 

Impulse management is your canine’s means to cease and take into consideration a conduct quite than performing on their first intuition. Typical impulse management coaching entails educating a “depart it” command that you should utilize to maintain your pup from choosing up probably poisonous objects off the bottom. 

The identical idea of “depart it” might be utilized to different conditions the place you need your canine to apply management, like not reacting to your neighbor’s canine once they hear them within the yard. 

To initially prepare the command, you’ll want some high-value treats. Place a deal with within the open palm of your hand and wait in your canine to go after it. Instantly shut your hand to maintain the deal with out of your canine.

Open your hand once more, and watch your canine’s response. In the event that they hesitate to succeed in for it, reward your canine with the deal with. Reward them for brief hesitations at first, then slowly construct the period. 

When your canine understands “depart it,” you’ll be able to work on translating the command into different conditions. For instance, inform your canine to “depart it” in the event that they begin to bark at your neighbor’s canine. If the barking stops, even for a small second, reward them.

  • Preserve Your Canine Leashed within the Yard at First
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Whereas it’s tempting to let your canine run free within the yard, it’s exhausting to work on coaching new behaviors with out additionally controlling your canine’s surroundings. 

Stopping fence preventing behaviors requires constant optimistic reinforcement and counter-conditioning coaching. In case your canine can run out into the yard, they’ll simply run as much as the fence, begin barking, and undo the progress you’ve made with their coaching as much as that time. 

As an alternative, take your canine out on a leash when the opposite canine is within the yard. Begin at a big distance away from the fence and reward your canine for calm, quiet conduct. Over time, together with your canine nonetheless on a leash, you’ll be able to shorten the gap between your canine and the fence, rewarding every step of the way in which for calm conduct. 

When you’ve labored together with your canine for lengthy sufficient on the leash, you can begin to work together with your pup off-leash. That is the place the obedience fundamentals are available as a result of your canine will want a dependable recall. 

If in case you have a sequence hyperlink fence or a fence the place your canine can simply see into your neighbor’s yard, it’s a good suggestion to construct a greater visible barrier. For a lot of canines, out of sight is admittedly out of thoughts, and if they’ll not see the neighbor’s canine, their hostility and nervousness could go away. 

If constructing a taller, extra strong fence isn’t an choice, think about planting a backyard of dog-friendly vegetation that may act as a visible buffer. 


Generally the easiest way to sort out a difficulty is to speak on to your neighbors. Whereas they gained’t have the ability to fully resolve your canine’s fence reactivity, you’ll be able to assist them perceive the problem and create a plan of motion with them. 

You could schedule a stroll or a playdate together with your neighbor’s canine to assist your canines grow to be higher acquainted. You may as well study your neighbor’s schedule, so you’ll be able to stagger when your canines are exterior to forestall potential fence preventing. 

Is Your Canine Scuffling with Fence Aggression?

Canine fence preventing is a typical wrestle for a lot of canine mother and father, however there are methods you could assist your canine really feel much less anxious and hostile towards your neighbor’s canine. 

With a greater understanding of what’s triggering your canine’s reactivity and constant coaching classes, you’ll be able to assist make the yard a enjoyable, blissful place in your pup once more.

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