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How to Do Tricep Pushdowns The Correct Way

The triceps are an integral a part of your higher arm anatomy. They give the impression of being extremely horny when toned and robust however are additionally a key practical muscle that helps with the flexion of your elbow. With regards to constructing mass and energy, a mixture of compound workout routines with isolation strikes just like the tricep pushdown may have you reaching peak beast mode very quickly.

The tricep pushdown makes use of the cable machine to isolate the tris, with specific emphasis on the lateral head. It’s the best train so as to add to your higher physique or arm day regime, together with among the alternate options urged beneath.

What’s a Tricep Pushdown?

A tricep pushdown is a energy coaching train that permits you to isolate and goal the triceps. It’s usually carried out utilizing a cable machine and adjustable weights so you’ll be able to modify the train to fulfill your targets. Relying in your desire and what’s out there, you too can select from a straight bar, rope handles, EZ-curl bar, or V-bar. It includes dealing with the machine and pushing the handles down, with all motion centered on the elbow, thereby using the triceps and shifting them by means of the total vary of movement for optimum outcomes.

what is the tricep pushdown

Advantages of Doing Tricep Pushdowns

Including tricep pushdowns to your higher physique or arm exercise brings many advantages. Firstly, it helps emphasize the lateral head, which will provide you with excelled definition alongside the skin of your arm. Then, they’re additionally good for partaking your core, again, and shoulders as stabilizers.

In fact, doing tricep pushdowns may even assist enhance your higher physique mass and provide you with that a lot sought-after horseshoe-shaped tricep. Lastly, you’ll additionally see enchancment in your elbow, shoulder, and wrist stability, which in flip can enhance efficiency in different workout routines.

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What Muscle groups Does the Tricep Pushdown Work?

The tricep pushdown will work all the muscle heads within the tricep however places the very best activation on the lateral head. Whereas it isolates your tris, you’ll additionally get a secondary exercise in your glutes, lats, abs, traps, and pecs, as they act as stabilizers when you work.

Methods to Do a Tricep Pushdown

Tricep pushdowns are a comparatively easy train; nevertheless, a number of tweaks to your approach will make sure you get the perfect outcomes. As an isolation train in your triceps, it’s a fantastic transfer so as to add after heavier compound workout routines. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to attempt to cease your different muscle tissues from stealing rigidity.

To do that, maintain your elbows pinned to your sides to forestall lat involvement – holding the bar underhand with a wider grip, or utilizing ropes or a V-bar can even assist maintain them tucked in. Subsequent, maintain your chest up and out, shoulder blades contracted, and torso tilted ahead, so your shoulders and chest don’t take over.

This may even enhance your vary of motion and maximize rigidity by means of the entire vary of motion. Lastly, whereas pushing down, concentrate on maintaining your wrists impartial to your forearms, in order that they don’t flex.


  1. Stand a few paces again from the cable machine, dealing with it along with your chosen bar/handles in an overhand grip. You may stand with each ft collectively, or one dropped behind the opposite.
  2. Lean ahead barely, hinging on the hips along with your chest up.
  3. Pull the bar down till your elbows are by your sides, and maintain them locked there. Your arms might be bent round 90 levels.
  4. Transferring on the elbow joint solely, push the load down till your arms are straight and your triceps are totally contracted.
  5. Once more, shifting on the elbows solely, enable the bar/handles to maneuver again up till your arms are perpendicular to your physique.
  6. Repeat in your chosen reps and units.

Methods to do a Tricep Pushdown at Residence

If you happen to’re understanding at dwelling, it’s much less doubtless you’ll have entry to a cable machine. A terrific at-home different that requires minimal gear is a resistance band cable pushdown.

The mechanics and execution are the identical; nevertheless, as a substitute of the cable machine, you’ll use resistance bands connected very securely to a hook, door body, or one other different anchor level above your head. It’s necessary to ensure it’s securely and safely connected in order that it doesn’t come flying off mid-pull and smack you within the face.

resistance band tricep pushdown

Bar vs. Rope Tricep Pushdown

One of many largest questions on tricep pushdowns is what deal with to make use of – straight bar, V-bar, EZ-curl bar, or ropes. What you select depends upon what’s out there, what’s extra snug for you, and your wrist flexibility. A straight bar has some limitations, particularly in case you have any wrist points. It’s because for many individuals, when the wrist is flexed, there’s a bent for radial deviation, which makes holding a straight bar much less snug, and may trigger you to flare your elbows out.

As such, the extra pure hand place when holding ropes or perhaps a V-bar can assist your type. One other advantage of the rope is that analysis has discovered it barely more practical in tricep engagement, and you may get slightly additional activation on the backside of the push as you naturally pull out. Nonetheless, all deal with sorts can have a spot in your exercise.

Tricep Pushdown Options

Like coaching any a part of your physique, there are lots of different workout routines that hit your triceps. Some are massive compound strikes that hit the entire muscle, whereas others are wonderful isolation workout routines that permit you to concentrate on one of many three heads.

Incorporating tricep pushdowns with a mixture of those different workout routines will provide you with a well-rounded routine for growing mass and energy. It’s additionally a good suggestion to combine issues up often so each you and your triceps don’t get uninterested in an excessive amount of repetition. Lastly, don’t neglect to consider some relaxation days to offer your physique an opportunity to recuperate and restore!

Mendacity Triceps Extensions

A basic triceps train is mendacity tricep extension, also called cranium crushers. It’s a killer transfer that takes the lengthy head of the tricep by means of the total vary of movement, from contraction to extension. This train includes mendacity on a bench, utilizing dumbbells or a barbell, maintaining your elbows in a slim place, and reducing the weights to both facet of your head.

One draw back of this transfer, although, is a scarcity of rigidity on the prime of the transfer for those who’re beginning along with your arms straight up. To fight this, transfer your arms barely again on the shoulders or use an incline bench so there’s larger rigidity all through the entire vary of movement. Alternatively, you too can use resistance bands connected to the dumbbells to supply that rigidity as your arms attain 90-degree along with your torso.

lying triceps extensions

Weighted Upright Dips

Weighted upright dips are a wonderful isolation train so as to add to your routine. This allows you to goal the lateral and medial heads of the tricep, because of the extra upright place. Plus, it’s additionally simple to progressively overload with weight, which is without doubt one of the greatest methods to coach the kind two muscle fibers.

You’ll want an applicable weight to hold out of your waist or maintain between your knees. The primary draw back of a weighted upright dip is that it could trigger shoulder discomfort relying in your flexibility. If that’s the case, an in depth grip bench press is a superb different.

weighted upright dips

Shut Grip Bench Press

Despite the fact that isolations workout routines are wonderful for concentrating on sure muscle teams, massive compound urgent strikes with giant weights are some of the environment friendly methods to coach your triceps. It’s because it’s simpler to progressively overload the load for stronger, greater muscle tissues, notably as a result of the triceps are predominately type-two muscle fibers that reply greatest to heavy stimulation.

With regards to grip on a bench press, the nearer your palms, the extra tricep activation you’ll get, particularly by means of the lengthy head. Nonetheless, nearer palms can even result in shoulder or wrist discomfort. As such, the candy spot is hand placement on the bar that’s simply narrower than your shoulders for the perfect of each worlds.

close grip bench press

Tricep Rope Pushaways

Also called overhead cable extensions, this train is superb for getting a stretch by means of the lengthy head. It’s an excellent single-joint transfer that makes an efficient superset when mixed with tricep pushdowns. When executing these, you’ll need to concentrate on maintaining your elbows tucked in shut beside your ears. Moreover, once you launch the load again, enable your elbows to maneuver again barely to essentially intensify that stretch – simply don’t allow them to flare out.

tricep rope pushaways

Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdown

The triceps don’t really affect the pronation or supination of the forearm or hand on a biomechanical degree. Nonetheless, the physique is a linked kinetic chain, and motion doesn’t occur in a vacuum. As such, an underhand grip helps to maintain elbows tucked in – which could be very useful in case you have a bent in your elbows to flare out like hen wings. Plus, it additionally permits for slightly additional extension of the arm on the shoulder for an much more contraction of the tricep. The one draw back is that it could put strain in your wrists, during which case, you’ll be able to swap to single handles as a substitute of a straight bar.

reverse grip tricep pushdown

Diamond Cutter Pushups

If you happen to’re searching for body weight workout routines for dwelling, or are new to understanding, then a diamond cutter pushup is a superb variation on a standard push-up to work your triceps higher. It positions your palms shut collectively below your physique, making a diamond form. This shifts among the emphasis away from the chest and to the triceps.

There are a few downsides, although. If you are able to do numerous them, you then received’t be getting enough stimulus to trigger hypertrophy and muscle progress. Moreover, it doesn’t activate the lengthy head as a lot as some different workout routines, and the hand placement could be a difficulty in case you have restricted wrist mobility. A detailed-grip pushup is usually a good different if the diamond hand placement does damage your wrists.

diamond cutter pushups

Cobra Pushups

One other efficient pushup variation for hitting the triceps is the cobra pushup. The distinction right here is that somewhat than pushing your physique straight up, you’re scooping the chest and torso ahead and up as you push. This shift places your elbows behind the physique on the prime of the transfer after they’re totally prolonged.

It’s the place you’ll get the most important contraction of the lengthy head, which makes up the vast majority of the tricep’s mass. This can be a rather more difficult variation, so don’t fret if it’s good to drop all the way down to your knees!

cobra pushup

JM Press

The JM Press was initially developed by world-recording holding energy and conditioning athlete and coach JM Blakely. It’s basically a mash-up of a tricep extension (cranium crusher) and an in depth grip bench press. As such, it’s an enormous compound train that works not solely the triceps but in addition the deltoids and pecs. You’ll have the ability to construct energy and muscle, in addition to enhance your bench press lockout.

It’s a wonderful addition for powerlifters, weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, and common bodybuilding. Nonetheless, it could put numerous strain on the tendons in your elbow, so work up slowly to heavy weights; in any other case, you threat damage.

jm press

Dumbbell Kickback

One other fundamental train to hit your triceps is the dumbbell kickback. It’s a reasonably versatile transfer that you are able to do one-handed utilizing a bench, bent with a hand braced in your knees, or two-handed and tilted on the waist. One of many key elements is to make it possible for your higher arm is saved parallel and tight to your physique at full elbow extension.

You’ll additionally need to keep away from swinging and utilizing momentum, flaring the elbows, and arching your again. If you wish to take your kickbacks to a different degree, set your self up dealing with ahead on an incline bench set to round 45 levels. This will provide you with most lengthy head contraction on the prime of the transfer.

dumbbell kickback

Incline Dumbbell Powerbombs

One other title for incline dumbbell powerbombs is an incline dumbbell overhead press. It’s excellent for hitting the lengthy head of the muscle as a result of the shoulder is in a flex place. Moreover, setting your bench up at round 45-degrees somewhat than doing a flat-lying extension provides even higher shoulder flexion.

Nonetheless, just like the mendacity triceps extensions, there’s minimal rigidity when your arm is straight up. Fixing that is simple, although. Begin along with your arm moved barely again so it’s extra according to your ears than perpendicular to the ground. This can guarantee rigidity by means of the entire vary of movement, so that you get essentially the most environment friendly and efficient exercise.

incline dumbbell powerbombs

Greatest Triceps Exercise

If all of this selection is a bit an excessive amount of, otherwise you simply don’t really feel like pondering, try this greatest triceps exercise, backed by science. Coming from the thoughts of ATHLEAN-X creator Jeff Cavaliere, he takes every transfer to a different degree, so that you get the perfect outcomes.

In spite of everything, the triceps take up 60 % of your higher arm mass, so that you need them to look massive and robust. This exercise has simply 5 killer strikes – an in depth grip bench press, tricep dips, overhead cable extension, tricep pushdowns, and mendacity triceps extensions.

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Tricep Pushdowns FAQs

What are tricep pushdowns good for?

Tricep pushdowns are a energy coaching train that’s good for isolating the triceps, with a concentrate on the lateral head. They’re greatest utilized in mixture with different compound workout routines that work the higher physique, arms, and shoulders for efficient, well-rounded outcomes.

Which tricep pushdown is greatest?

There are a number of methods you are able to do a tricep pushdown. Select from an underhand or overhand grip with straight, EZ-curl bar, V-bar, or rope handles. Every has its personal execs and cons, and what works greatest will differ between individuals. Nonetheless, basically, an underhand grip can assist you retain your elbows tucked in however can place extra pressure on the wrist. In the meantime, an overhand grip on rope handles or a v-bar could be essentially the most pure place in your palms. Lastly, analysis has additionally proven that rope handles are barely more practical in activating the triceps.

Does tricep pushdown work the entire tricep?

The tricep pushdown does work all three heads of the tricep; nevertheless, there’s elevated activation within the lateral head alongside the facet of your arm.

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