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A beautiful Miami estate is for sale, and it has quite the story behind it. The 1.2-acre property with a 9-bedroom mansion is owned by a dog! In fact, the home has been passed down by several generations of dogs. When realtors heard this, they couldn’t believe it, but it didn’t deter them from helping sell the home.

Gunther VI is a German Shepherd with millions to his name. He owns the mansion, but has plenty of humans around to care for him and keep him company. His life is like a dream for any dog, but Gunther realizes he can’t cling to this home forever. So, his handlers agreed that it was time to sell the estate.

German Shepherd lounging outside mansion

How Does Gunther Own a Home?

Famous singer Madonna owned this mansion in the 1990s when she bought it for $7.5 million. German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, who died in 1992, left all her money to her dog named Gunther III. She wanted to ensure that he continued to live a life of luxury after her death, so his handlers followed her wishes closely.

Gunther III owned the beautiful mansion after Madonna, and he passed down his fortune to the German Shepherds after him, known as Gunther IV, Gunther V, and Gunther VI. Gunther VI is the current owner of the estate and all the finances. He lives with a group of caretakers and regularly travels with them.

Dog-owned Miami estate

Gunther’s trust is now worth about $500 million, and selling this house will make him even wealthier. His caretakers are the ones who decide how to spend his money and when to buy and sell real estate. Gunther seems content with their decisions, as long as he gets plenty of love and treats along the way.

“When it was explained that this house was bought by this German shepherd, I was like, ‘What are you talking about? I’m not following you,’” said Ruthie Assouline, the real estate agent.

Yet, when Ruthie met Gunther, she fell in love. The first thing he did was shower her with kisses, so she knew he’d be an easy client to work with.

Wealthy dog playing fetch

The Life of a Millionaire Dog

Gunther’s home is currently listed for $31.75 million. The mansion is nearly 8,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. He spends a lot of time at the Miami property but also takes several trips a year. He regularly goes to places like Italy and the Bahamas. His handlers take him out to public spaces during his travels to ensure that he’s well-socialized.

At home, he has a chef that cooks all his meals. He gets a balanced diet with meat, fresh vegetables, and rice. Sometimes, he’ll even get caviar, but never any kibble. His estate regularly invests in and purchases unique things, such as a men’s soccer team. His handler also helped create an organization called Gunther Rescue. Just because Gunther lives a lavish lifestyle doesn’t mean he can’t help dogs in need.

German Shepherd relaxing in dog bed

“He lives in Madonna’s former master bedroom,” said Ruthie. “He literally sleeps overlooking the most magnificent view in an Italian custom bed in the former bedroom of the greatest pop star in the world.”

Not everyone can say they live in a house once owned by a dog. But soon, some lucky buyer will have a property with a one-of-a-kind story. Gunther clearly loves his home, but he’ll still be able to be pampered elsewhere.

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