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Skips are usually used to store or dispose of household waste. A skip is usually rented for a few days and then collected by the skip hire near me company. If you’re interested in


using a skip, it’s important to know what kinds of fees might be involved. Here are some things to consider before hiring a skip.

When should I hire a skip?

The first thing to consider is when you want to hire a skip. If you’re planning to put a skip out the next day, it’s best to wait until the morning. This way, there will be less litter to collect in the area. If you’re thinking about renting a skip for more than a few days, check your local council’s skip hire calendar. They usually have a three-day fortnightly slot for skip hire.


If you’re more than a few days away from skip hire, then you can request an online booking form. Just go to your local council website and fill it in. The form should have details of how much it costs to hire a skip in your area. It will have details about the dates you can hire the skip, how long the skip will be there, and who is responsible for the skip.

What kind of skip do I need?

You need a skip if your regular bin collection day falls on a Friday or Saturday, you’re away, or you are unable to take your waste to a collection point. A skip is also an essential item if your council has imposed collection days in the time between your bin collection and the next one.


What are the different kinds of skip?

There are different types of skip you can get: electric and non-electric; mechanical or hydraulic; perforated; telescopic; and compound. All skip types can be fitted to most kinds of recycling bins, which will be included in your hire price.

As a general rule, the larger the bin, the better the surface area will be for easy composting and for aerating the contents.

How much will it cost and what will be included?

A good skip will usually cost between £30 to £60 for the first 20 cubic feet. Some skip hires companies also charge a fee for the first 4 cubic feet, and then it’s either £4 to £6 per cubic foot after that. A lot of customers who use a skip are usually more concerned with the number of cubic feet, so we’d advise you to get a quote before you start the process.


You also need to check what will be included in the price, including the costs of tipping the skip. You’ll usually need to pay a skip company to rent a skip, and this will include the cost of tipping it for you. You might also have to pay extra to get someone to tip your skip. This will depend on what’s included in your hire.

What does the company need from me before they can provide my skip?

You’ll be asked to sign a contract outlining any conditions on the use of the skip. It’s usually important to know what you can and can’t leave on the skip before you rent one.


What are the fees?


You may be charged an initial fee to check availability. You’ll then be charged a deposit on top of this to allow the hiring company to collect the skip and store it for you.


How long does the hiring company need the skip for?


The hire company will need the skip for a specific length of time. They will have no issue waiting for you to return the skip but you should return the skip before you end your contract.


How much will the hiring company charge me?


You should be charged a monthly rate for the hire of the skip. The cost varies depending on the area you are in.


Unless you are a local householder who has to dispose of household waste, it is unlikely that a skip is required. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enjoy the benefits of a skip. Skip hire is an economical and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your household waste. Skip hire isn’t only for those who need to dispose of their waste at least once every couple of months.

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