Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
Roundup: Synapsica scales PACS offering, ClariPi launches CT denoising solution and more briefs

AI radiology firm Synapsica expands PACS offering to more Indian cities

AI radiology reporting company Synapsica has partnered with GenWorks Health, a healthcare solutions provider backed by Wipro GE Healthcare, to bring its picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to more cities across India. 

Its Radiolens radiology workflow solution automatically detects bad quality scans and creates preliminary reports for most common modalities. It also provides AI-driven quantitative and qualitative actionable insights. 

Through this partnership, access to the radiology product will become available in over 300 tier 2 and 3 cities and towns, such as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Chennai.

Synapsica is helping solve the shortage of radiologists in India whose number currently stands at around 10,000 per billion population. That, coupled with the rising demand for radiology reporting, causes a strain in radiologists’ time in screening reports, leading to “insufficient” and “incorrect” reporting at times.

Thus Radiolens assists radiologists by automating several tasks in their workflow while offering “greater insights for a more objective outcome”.  

“We are confident that GenWorks, with their deep network, will take our solution to healthcare providers in tier 2 and 3 cities and towns across the country and enable us to help these hospitals and diagnostic labs generate high-quality radiology reports,” Synapsica co-founder and CEO Meenakshi Singh said.

South Korean AI medical imaging startup unveils CT denoising solution

ClariPi, an AI medical imaging startup from South Korea, has introduced an AI-powered low-dose CT denoising solution, along with its other new AI imaging products. 

Trained with over a million images, ClariCT.AI clears image noise with a “substantially reduced” radiation dose. 

The system, which has been both cleared in the United States and Europe, will soon become available on the Nuance AI marketplace. 

Meanwhile, ClariPi unveiled a software-based iodine contrast boost solution called ClariACE which minimises side-effects in contrast-enhanced CT scans; ClariPulmo, a fully automated 3D reporting solution for pneumonia and emphysema caused by COVID-19; and ClariOsteo, an AI precision bone healthcare solution for both low-dose and ultra-low-dose CT images.

AICS showcases its latest smart medical solutions

Taiwan-based ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services (AICS) has unveiled some of its latest smart medical solutions.

Its xHIS platform is an AI, cloud-based hospital information system that enables digitisation by integrating AI services and optimising the quality of medical record writing, procedure coding system, doctor’s order issuing and claims process, computerised physician order entry services, among others. It has been rolled out at the Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital who claims that the system, when used alongside its clinical decision support system, enhances multidisciplinary collaboration and communication between doctors and patients. 

AICS Lumos EMR search platform analyses medical records and examination reports. It also provides real-world data, such as variation trends and disease factors, that has assisted research and clinical treatment at the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital (CSMUH). 

Another AICS product is the Drug Safety Service, developed in tandem with the Cheng Hsin General Hospital. The AI-assisting drug safety system reviews a patient’s family and personal health records and then recommends medications and tests. It also flags if an abnormal dosage of medicine is prescribed, contributing to the reduction of human error, disputes, and medical waste.

Finally, AICS has also worked with the CSMUH to develop a personal health management platform. The CSMUH eServices app, powered by AICS Personal Healthcare App, offers a smart mobile clinic, chronic-care disease management, and long-term personalised care. It has a structured medical database that combines AI, mobile, and telematics technologies.

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