Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

When you make your vacation trip plan to Barcelona, it can be one of the most exciting trips. However, things can go wrong when you can’t make the best out of your plans and deviate from the right track.

Every community and place has their own culture and tradition that you must follow when visiting the place. If you can’t respect the changes in the first place, you can experience unusual from the people around you.

Barcelona is also a place with different cultures and traditions you will see once you reach Barcelona airport. So, this article is about those prominent things you shouldn’t do during your stay in Barcelona.

Avoid Political Involvement or Discussion: You can ask about the political opinion or condition of the Catalan. But it’s highly recommended not to get overhyped or excited with your opinion to get it established. Avoid fights or debates and stay on the safe side, no matter how wrong you think the people around you are.

Be Careful When Tipping: If you dine in a restaurant or bar, it’s common to leave tips there. But make sure the tipping is not a poor amount that makes the waiter offended. You can leave the change or leave a couple of euros as a good gesture. You don’t have to tip way too much or less of your total bills.

Don’t Shout at Night on Streets: People from Barcelona are very friendly. The nightlife is also very happening out there. But you shouldn’t raise your voice, shout, or get drunk on the streets at late night. It’s quite offensive for the locals when they receive such gestures from tourists.

Avoid Taking Photos Without Permission: When you are up for shopping or roaming around the city, you shouldn’t take photos randomly. If you have to take pictures of a person or object, make sure you take permission from the owner.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on La Rambla: You may not want to come back from La Rambla, but it’s wise to take a walk around the crowd and spend some time on La Boqueria Market as well.

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