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Cat Stroller | We've Found the World's Most Versatile Cat Carrier to Date
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Cat strollers are a cat person’s dream—after all, what could be better than rolling around town with your fluffy BFF? But they’re also usually a dream that doesn’t make it to the real world. The average indoor cat isn’t a big fan of either change or trips, and a cat stroller involves both.

But there’s a group of cats out there who don’t fit the mold: the adventurous kitties who are always sticking their noses out the window or making bids for an open door. These cats crave fresh air and new scenery—and a stroller can be the perfect way to meet their needs.

We tested the cats for on-the-go pet parents and wild felines all over the world. one popular and surprisingly versatile strollerWe will be sharing our experiences with you and your cat.

A cat stroller is a must-have for every cat owner.

There probably aren’t a lot of cats who actually Not requiredIt is possible for cats to benefit from a cat stroller.

Young, adventurous kittens are the obvious choice. They feel the need to explore the natural world and see it as a way to connect with the wild. They might even like walking with a cat harness—but if that’s a bridge too far, a stroller is an excellent way to help them pursue their curiosity safely.

It is also a good idea for older cats or pets who have been injured. A stroller can be a great way to provide mental stimulation for them (if their vet allows).

There are also cats who suffer from separation anxiety. Though they’re not as famous as their canine counterparts, cats with separation anxiety do exist—and a stroller or cat backpack can be a good way to keep them happy while you’re walking your pup or getting some exercise.

Cat strollers are also practical tools for people: they’re an easy and safe way to transport your cat to and fro. There are many of them, including our test strollerThese carseats come with a removable carrier or carseat. That versatility is handy for those who travel frequently (even if it’s just to the vet).

dog and cat in stroller

Patrick Chu via iStock

How do you get your cat to use a stroller with ease?

This is a great question, and the usual cat response: It depends on the cat. Some cats are going to say “no way” simply because a stroller is basically a carrier on wheels, and some cats just say no to carriers.

You might consider placing the carrier attachment (for this stroller only) in an area that your cat enjoys, then letting them explore it. After a few days you can put the carrier on the stroller frame and place your cat inside. Then, move the carrier around slowly in the house.

Your cat might find it comfortable if you give them lots of treats and encourage them. You can gradually venture outside if this is the case. Your first foray might just be outside your door, but successive trips can venture farther and farther depending on your cat’s comfort level.

An un-strollable cat may be a stressed cat. It’s unlikely they will change their mind, so instead of a kitty stroller for you, you may have a great re-gift for your small dog friend. The carrier and luggage can be used without the stroller frame. In either case, it’s worth noting that you should never leave an animal alone or unattended in a stroller.

What is the working principle of cat strollers?

My pet stroller is made by Ibiyaya, and it’s actually a combination item. Its base is a pretty great cat carrier that can be used four additional ways: as a secure car carrier (with seatbelt straps), as an over-the-shoulder-strap carrier, attached to a little luggage dolly, or with a stroller frame.

cat stroller

Simple and straightforward.

The entire assembly took only 20 minutes and came in a well-packaged package. You were given a picture sheet with instructions. However, there was also a QR code on the box that allowed you to access videos and help if needed.

cat stroller

Who’s up for a stroll?

The star of the show is the carrier. It provides multiple entry points for cats (front and side), is very breathable with soft sides, and has a sturdy frame. On the inside, there’s a clip for a harness and a plush liner pad. You can use the carrier in many different ways, so you will notice the zippers and reflective straps.

The carrier was placed on the floor and my cats made immediate home in it.

cat stroller

Beso likes it!

We were all set to go! Then, we ran into an immediate problem: my gravel driveway. The stroller wheels, which are made of hard plastic, did not work well with the soft, textured driveway. The stroller was too heavy to carry around, even with the 20-pound cat. It would have been a difficult, tedious, and unpleasant experience for both pilot and passenger.

cat stroller

You can’t go wrong.

The strollable cat

I fostered a litter o floppy kittens at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. One kitten in particular stole my heart. She was extremely person-focused, independent and snuggly, intelligent, curious, social, curious, adventurous, funny, and very social. They are also as handsome as they come. I was devastated that I could not add him to my family. My heart was saved when friends offered to adopt him.

cat stroller

Paul the Heartbreaker.

Paul is now about six months old—a great age (and obviously temperament) to try something like this out. Paul has a dog and wants to be outside with his family. However, he and his family are cautious about how to safely do that. Because Paul’s People live in a highly walkable neighborhood with paved sidewalks, leveled grassy parks, and well-worn walking paths, the situation (and the kitty) were ideal for stroller testing!

Paul quickly climbed into the stroller, attaching his cat carrier to its frame. He sat down in the stroller, occasionally popping out to check on it, and knew he was one of the greatest surprises.

After he spent a day or two entering and exiting the stroller at his leisure, and with lots of treats, Paul’s People took the brakes off and began moving the stroller, with Paul in it, around the house. His immediate response to the movement was “NO.” But with more treats and kind words, as well as the ability to escape when needed, he eventually got used to the movement.

cat stroller

Paul offers his support. Photo courtesy of Paul’s People.

The big day arrived! Paul was then fitted into his cat harness, which was attached to the carrier via its internal clip. Then he was rolled out. Paul jumped out of his carrier’s front netting because it was a little too long. The safety clip held Paul’s harness perfectly, and he was left semi-dangling from the carrier.

With some adjustments to the size of the netting in the front opening, Paul was able to enjoy the rest of his stroll in comfort—able to pop his head out and look around when he wanted and also able to tuck inside the safety of the carrier when he so chose. The walk went about half a kilometer. It was a pretty impressive first roll!

cat stroller

I’m strolling! Photo courtesy of Paul’s People.

Let’s start with what wasn’t great, which was very little:

  • The only complaint any of us had about this entire get up was how it functioned with the carrier attached to the little “luggage” wheelie. The carrier is only able to be attached in an upright orientation, which is great for transporting heavier cats. This means the air holes become the bottom of the carrier—not as comfy for little kitty feet and hineys.
  • The same arrangement means that larger cats can only be seated upright and leaves less space for hidey-holes.

We liked these:

  • It was easy to follow the instructions. We didn’t need to use the QR code for the instructional videos, but it was a nice touch.
  • The carrier itself is fantastic—lightweight but structured, with zippers all around for figuring out how best to insert a kitty (based on their preference, of course).
  • The stroller frame is very lightweight, but extremely solid (not flimsy). It folds down easily and can be transported in a small package.
  • The stroller frame’s wheel brakes make it simple for kitties (or those who depend on humans loading/unloading), to enter and exit the stroller.
  • A coffee mug holder and a small container to hold keys or phones if necessary.
  • For trips to the mailbox or other things you might find on your stroll, it is a great idea to store your stroller underneath.
  • The wheels provide a smooth ride on hard surfaces and snow.
cat stroller

Paul was pleased. Photo courtesy of Paul’s People.

Is it worth buying a cat-stroller?

If you have a kitty who is adventurous, active, and trusting, a stroller can be really fun—and this is a great option. If your kitty is not up for the adventure but you could use a hand in getting them around, this has so many options for doing so that you really can’t lose.

Ibiyaya pet stroller in orange

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