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Find your dream apartment in Geneva, Switzerland, on this blog. If you want to find apartments for rent in Geneva, you are welcome to read articles on the Geneva rental market, and on apartments for sale in Geneva, including luxury real estate.


How to find your dream apartment

The property classifieds in Switzerland are very specific: on the one hand, it’s easy to find property for sale and buy, because real estate is in a boom.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a new apartment to rent, you need to pay attention to special details.

You can’t find apartments for rent for sale in Geneva on most of the classified ads.  This post was first published on February 20, 2018, on

How can you find the perfect apartment for rent in Geneva, Switzerland?  If you want to find apartments for rent in Geneva, then you have to pay special attention to details, especially if you want to rent a place for just a few weeks or months, or if you want to live in Geneva for longer and find a real estate to rent.


Top tips for finding the perfect home

To get the most out of your apartment hunting process, follow the advice in this post on finding your dream Geneva apartment.

1. Don’t compromise on location  Buying a home near Geneva’s train station may not have the lifestyle you want, or the space you need. But there are many other neighborhoods that provide the best amenities. You can see a map of all the neighborhoods in Geneva here.  2. For rent or sale?  Buying or renting? Choose Geneva for sale or Geneva for rent. The rental market is dominated by newer projects and condo units, and as a first-time buyer, you may have to consider a small apartment or a studio.

If you want to be able to afford your future Geneva apartment, you’ll want to rent it first, and perhaps look into a sale later on.


Top places to find apartments in Geneva

Teasers are still in town (this is still for real; not an April Fool’s joke.) I like to see this kind of site because it shows some cool apartments (this is still for real; not an April Fool’s joke.) It shows all kinds of neighborhoods, for sale and for rent. They are available for both single and married people. It shows some top places to live, including the five best apartments to rent in Geneva, in 2016 (with pictures).

On the right, you can see an apartment you can find on this blog, on the following link: .

Also here is a more simple apartment search in Geneva, with photos:  And, here is a blog dedicated to real estate in Geneva, including a number of apartment listings, and more:  Do not forget to check my blog: La Bonne Vie.


Top resources for renting an apartment in Geneva

Real estate agents and apartment-seekers, visit our online listings section:  Search for apartments on the web  You can find a list of rental agencies in Geneva.

Using these facilities for renting an apartment in Geneva, you will be able to find a rental apartment near you.  Or for finding apartments for sale in Geneva, you can use the Geneva Real Estate Webpage.



To see what the Geneva real estate market looks like, you can check real estate indices such as Swiss House Index. Furthermore, you can also see the prices of homes in Geneva on Zohar Real Estate and Property Values.

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